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Family  Portrait

The good old days of the circus! A mum, who is also a famous trapeze artist, tries to get her family to remember the distant 1985, when she was working together with her 8 children.

But now the times have changed, the Strongman has ended up becoming a personal trainer and goes to the gym to let off steam. The Fat lady, to keep on flying, has chosen to become an airline pilot. The lion tamer uses her talents to handle a class of unruly kids, and is now a teacher.

The other children now have different jobs and time has made them a bit too “grown-up”.
They are all very different from each other, but one thing unites them… the passion for the circus and the nostalgia of when they all used to live together.

Let’s help their mum bring them all together for a family picture and just for a day, let’s go back to 1985!
But before we take the picture, let’s have fun transforming our characters, we’ve got everything we need for make-up and hairstyles, just like a real star’s dressing room.

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